Prostate Cancer: The Risks, the Warning Signs, Diagnosis & Treatment Cancer of the prostate accounts for more incidences in men than any other cancer. In 2010, it is estimated that more than 217,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Unfortunately, many cases of prostate cancer are discovered late, leading to more difficult treatment options and a less-favorable prognosis for men who have the disease.

Atlanta Medical Malpractice Attorney Jeffrey H. Dover has written this easy-to-follow guide because he knows how important it is to have quality information when you are facing prostate cancer.

Dover provides key details on prostate cancer such as risk factors, symptoms, screening methods, stages at diagnosis, and treatment options for the disease.  He also reveals how mistakes can cause a doctor or pathologist to fail to diagnose prostate cancer or to misdiagnose the disease.

Get the information you need to protect your rights and to help understand what your options are.

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