Posted on Jan 28, 2012
2012 started with some good news from the American Cancer Society. The rate of cancer deaths has fallen by about 1.8 percent for men and 1.6 percent for women in recent years. However, the news is not all good – especially for teenagers and young adults. Those between the ages of 15 - 39 have not experienced the drop in cancer deaths that other age groups have experienced.
Approximately 72,000 people aged 15 - 39 are diagnosed with cancer each year. Cancer researchers are beginning to focus on this age group, which has different needs than other age groups.  People between 15 - 39 years old typically get difficult to diagnose cancers and are not typically screened for cancers. When adolescents and young adults go to the doctor complaining of pain, doctors may be more likely to misdiagnose cancer and claim that the pain is due to another reason.
Researchers hope that by focusing on this 15 – 39 age group distinct from pediatric or adult cancers, they will be able to help doctors make proper and timely diagnoses and to prevent cancer malpractice that results in lifetime of problems or death.
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