Posted on Jun 17, 2012

As it grows in a time when media companies are struggling across the board, The Weather Channel Company continues to develop and expand its audience and cultivate a permeating media presence on multiple platforms. It has transitioned from its previous incarnation as a brief television stopover that viewers made before getting dressed or planning their days to a multi-dimensional media outlet, producing its own shows and original material on the topic of weather, creating smart phone apps, and building an ever-more-important presence on the internet. None of this, however, is to suggest that the company has in any way slowed its meteorological efforts and innovations.

One of those innovations that is still being kept largely under wraps is a collaboration with several undisclosed car companies. Together, they are cultivating a system in which weather data provided by the Weather Channel’s meteorological services would be transmitted to automobiles to measure and coordinate their engine’s efficiency. The engine could in some ways adapt to existing weather conditions to maximize fuel efficiency and energy usage.

The project remains largely under-wraps and few public mentions have been made of it, but should it come to fruition, it promises to be an impressive development in the field of fuel efficiency technology.