Posted on Nov 23, 2011
The driver who is accused of fleeing the scene of an October 24, 2011 Marietta car accident is claiming that he never ran from the accident scene. 24-year-old Garrett Hamlin has told the media that he doesn't understand why he is wanted for a hit and run.

According to police, Mr. Hamlin sideswiped a pickup truck and continued driving. The pickup truck allegedly followed him. After Mr. Hamlin hit the pickup truck he claims that he crossed the highway and hit two additional cars. Mr. Hamlin also claims that he was suffering a seizure at the time of these crashes.

Marietta police claim there is no evidence to support Mr. Hamlin's claim of suffering a seizure, and that he was driving on a suspended license. He is being charged with a hit and run, two counts of failure to maintain a lane, and driving on a suspended license.

Mr. Hamlin was hurt in this Marietta car accident. It is unclear whether any of the drivers or passengers in the three other vehicles were injured in the crash. We extend our best wishes for a full and speedy recovery to anyone who was injured in the wreck.

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