Posted on Jan 03, 2011
Wednesday night, December 16, 2010, is not one that will be easily forgotten in Northern Georgia.  Authorities reported more than 1,000 accidents in the Metro Atlanta and Northern Georgia areas during the late afternoon and evening hours.  The accidents were caused by icy conditions.  The ice and accidents impacted traffic so greatly that many people were forced to abandon their vehicles and try to make their way home on foot.

It seems that no county was spared its share of accidents due to icy roadways.  Cobb County reported more than 350 calls between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m.  Gwinnett County reported 178 accidents in a similar pile up, including one 15 car pileup.   Cherokee County reported about 200 accidents, and DeKalb County reported 226 crashes.  Atlanta police also reported dozens of crashes, and the roads of Paulding County have been described as looking like a used car lot because of all the crashed cars.

One of the more serious crashes occurred in Bartow County. Two tractor trailers crashed on Georgia Highway 20 on the bridge over I 75, which resulted in one of the trucks dangling out from the bridge.

We extend our best wishes for a full recovery to everyone injured in these Northern Georgia accidents.