Posted on Jun 13, 2012

Japanese auto manufacturer Subaru has introduced a new high-tech safety feature with their latest editions of the Outback and Liberty models, one that could save many drivers from devastating frontal collisions, whether with other vehicles, pedestrians, and obstructions in the road. The system is called EyeSight. It uses dual cameras placed on the back of the rearview mirror and, when cruise control is activated, the vehicle will automatically detect the distance from the bumper of the next car in front of it and alter its speed to maintain a safe distance. Should that car brake suddenly, a pedestrian runs into the street, or another car crosses lanes into your own, the EyeSight system will automatically apply the brakes to bring you to a gradual stop. Prone to distraction behind the wheel? Should you be the one veering from your lane into oncoming traffic, EyeSight will politely let you know.

Subaru’s new system has thus far received complimentary reviews. Similar systems have already been applied to Volvos and, as they grow in popularity and are adopted by more auto manufacturers, are expected to diminish the incidence of collisions and make the roads safer for drivers of these and all other vehicles.