Posted on Jun 23, 2009

Just who are the angry parties here?

Parents Charged with Battery and Child Cruelty

In a clear case of anger mismanagement, two parents in McDonough were arrested for child cruelty after punishing their two adopted children with a rigorous exercise routine, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Earl and Deborah Dinkler each were charged with two counts of cruelty to children and battery under the Family Violence Act.

A neighbor contacted police after the 13-year-old daughter appeared on their doorstep, sweating and afraid to return home. Before the neighbor could intervene, the child ran back home, only to return hungry and exhausted from running morning laps. According to McDonough Police Captain Kyle Helgerson, the 13-year-old girl and 11-year-old boy were ordered to run 15 laps around the house every morning before being allowed breakfast the last four years.

Spankings Given with Baseball Bat

If the parents weren’t satisfied with their children’s performances, they would be spanked with a belt or hit with a miniature baseball bat. Earl Dinkler said the spankings and daily exercise regimens were given as a way to cure his kids of their anger problems. Dinkler confirmed he denied the children food, allowing only water until their morning regimen was complete.

After police took the two children to the Henry Medical Center, several bruises were discovered on the girl and boy’s bodies. The children are now in the custody of child welfare. A hearing is scheduled for the parents August 17.