Posted on May 16, 2012
Last month a jury awarded Kelly Robinson more than three quarter of a million dollars in a medical malpractice case. The case allegedly arose out of a series of three trips Ms. Robinson made to the emergency room in November 2008.

According to reports of this case, Ms. Robinson first went to the emergency room complaining of a sore throat. She was sent home. A few hours later she returned to the emergency room because her condition had worsened. She saw a physician’s assistant and was given medication for the pain before being sent home. She did not see a doctor on her second trip to the emergency room.

Ms. Robinson then reportedly returned to the emergency room for a third time. At that time she was in septic shock and was diagnosed as having a flesh eating bacterial infection. The infection had spread to the tissue surrounding her muscles. As a result, a portion of Ms. Robinson’s neck and palate had to be removed.

She remained in a coma for about a month and she was on a feeding tube for about a year and a half. Now, three and a half years after she visited the emergency room she still allegedly has trouble eating, and it is unknown whether her speech will ever return to what it was prior to November 2008. However, she is no longer considered disabled.

While this case was decided in Michigan, it is important to know that physician assistants are also used in Georgia emergency rooms. Our Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers wish Ms. Robinson a healthy and happy future.

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