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Posted on Jun 25, 2013

Kyrie Alassen Anderson was incorrectly accused of racing on the interstate and causing a wreck that killed her 6-month-old baby and boyfriend.

The Georgia State Patrol’s initial reports on the wreck were incorrect and Anderson’s name was cleared when the GSP released the results of its investigation.

Anderson wasn’t even driving at the time of the Rockdale County wreck, a GSP spokeswoman said.

“The initial information provided by the motorists at the scene was preliminary and in any investigation is subject to change,” Franka Young, GSP spokeswoman, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “During the investigation, information brought forth through follow-up interviews and the video from the convenience store helped to determine that the driver was Edi Rodriquez and that they were not racing.”

Anderson, 22, of Madison, was seriously injured with a broken neck due to the accident, which killed her 6-month-old son, Hunter Anderson, and Edi Rodriquez, her 20-year-old boyfriend, of Covington. The initial investigation reported that Kyrie Anderson had been racing in her Honda Accord causing the I-20 crash in Covington.

Shawna Tallon, Anderson's mother said there was no race and that Rodriquez had been driving, not Anderson. Young states that the trooper who first investigated the accident arrived on the scene after the involved parties had been transported to hospitals, which lead to the release of information based on witnesses remaining at the scene.

According to investigators the Honda was westbound on I-20 in the center lane when Rodriquez lost control of the car, struck the guardrail on the right shoulder of the road, and then re-entered the travel lanes. The GSP said, Rodriquez exited the Honda when it came to a stop in the left lane.

A 2005 Chevrolet Silverado then struck Rodriquez and the Honda, which then hit the concrete median barrier and came to a stop facing west on it's left side. The infant and Rodriquez were both killed, and Kyrie Anderson was hospitalized at Grady Memorial Hospital with a broken neck.

Using surveillance video from a gas station, the State Troopers determined that the couple and baby stopped for about five minutes before the crash, Young said.

“In reviewing a video from a nearby gas station, troopers observed the Honda Accord pull into the station for gas with Rodriquez exiting the vehicle from the driver’s seating position,” the GSP said. “He then re-entered the vehicle on the driver’s side and left the station lot driving the Honda. The crash occurred approximately five minutes later, six miles away.”

No charges are expected to be filed in the wreck.

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