Posted on Feb 20, 2011
A serious crash on Interstate 75 in Cartersville caused an adult and a child to be airlifted to the hospital on Thursday, February 3, 2011.  The accident occurred around 7 a.m. near the Center Road Bridge.

Police report that two vehicles were travelling southbound on I-75 on that morning.  One car was driven by Breanne Harris and the other was driven by Angelina Rule.  According to the authorities, Ms. Harris was attempting to change lanes and collided with Ms. Rule’s vehicle.

Ms. Rule’s vehicle is reported to have become airborne and flipped over.  Ms. Rule and a 6-year-old passenger were both ejected from the vehicle.  Both had to be flown to Grady Memorial Hospital.  Ms. Rule is reported to have suffered a foot injury, and the child suffered pain in the hip and leg.

Police have charged Ms. Harris with making an improper lane change following this Georgia highway accident

The accident also caused a second crash when a car swerved to avoid colliding with the vehicles driven by Ms. Harris and Ms. Rule.  It is unclear whether anyone was hurt in that two-car accident.

We extend our best wishes for a full and complete recovery to everyone injured in this Bartow County crash.

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