Posted on Nov 02, 2010
On Friday, October 15, 2010 a local church group went on a hayride in Douglas, Georgia.  The group was from the South View Church of God.  Part of the hayride’s route carried the group on to Route 64.  It is suspected that the hayride’s driver pulled on to the road and that the hayride was travelling more slowly than the other cars.  Another car hit the hayride injuring 27 people.

Pastor Hilton Martin has told the Waycross Journal Herald that the hayride driver saw the car approaching, but he thought that he had enough time to enter the roadway safely.

Two of the 27 injured people suffered serious injuries and were reported to be in serious condition after the crash.  Those two victims were taken to Memorial Medical Center in Savannah.

When the hayride was hit, at least one person was thrown off of the wagon and on to the road.  Another victim broke a leg in three places and required surgery.  The extent of the remaining injuries has not been released, nor have the names of the 27 victims.

We extend our best wishes for a fast and complete recovery to all of the victims of this Georgia crash.