Posted on Mar 02, 2012
In 2002, Stephanie Tesoriero, mother of three children, felt a small marble sized lump in her breast. She went to the doctor and a mammogram was ordered. A doctor at the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Center in Stony Brook Long Island reviewed the mammogram and found no evidence of malignancy. Ms. Tesoriero alleges that no further tests were ordered, and the doctor advised her to return for an exam in about a year.

About 16 months later, the marble size lump had grown into the size of a golf ball, and Ms. Tesoriero was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. When her cancer went into remission, she sued the doctor who found no evidence of malignancy in 2002 for failure to diagnose breast cancer.

Last month the case went to trial and the jury awarded Ms. Tesoriero 15 million dollars in damages.

While Ms. Tesoriero was in remission when she filed the lawsuit, her cancer has returned and spread to her bones. According to her doctors, she will need chemotherapy every week for the rest of her life, and she is 50-years-old. No prognosis has been provided to the public.

Our Atlanta breast cancer lawyers like to think that what happened to Ms. Tesoriero could not happen in Georgia, but the reality is that it could happen here or anywhere.

We extend our best wishes to Ms. Tesoriero for a full and fast recovery from the cancer she currently faces and for an easy time with her treatments.

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