Posted on Jul 28, 2011
A strange Atlanta accident occurred when a driver of a garbage truck hit a railroad overpass in Northwest Atlanta around 9:00 AM. Authorities indicated that part of the bridge collapsed onto the road below due to this wreck.

Thomas Sealock, the driver of a Community Waste Services of Georgia garbage truck, crashed into the side of the bridge and caused a 20-foot stretch of concrete and metal to come crashing down onto the road below.

The accident occurred at Bolton Road, just west of Marietta Road, and affected not only cars but trains as well. Train services were down for several hours, and the road below the overpass was closed for at least 48 hours in order to make sure that the area was safe.

After police investigated this crash, they charged Sealock with failure to obey traffic device, collision with an object adjacent to the street, and carrying an unsecure load.

Police stated that there was a traffic sign that indicated the bridge height. Although the garbage truck itself was half a foot under the bridge's clearance, the rear of the truck was too high due to a hydraulic lift.
Sealock was trapped and injured in the accident. He suffered leg injuries and was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital for medical care. A female driver who was following the truck was also injured when she slammed into the back of the truck during the wreck. The extent of her injuries is unknown.

The Dover Law Firm would like to wish both drivers a full and quick recovery.

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