It is a “woman’s best friend,” too. Just ask a 38-year-old jogger who was attacked in Lawrenceville’s Tribble Mill Park.

After passing a man wearing a Dallas Cowboys hat in the late afternoon of Oct. 12, she was grabbed from behind and shoved hard against the trunk of a tree. Then, the crazed attacker reached up her T-shirt, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Labrador Sensed Danger, Attacked Assailant

Before he could grope any more, the woman’s 120-pound yellow Labrador retriever named “Jack” flashed his teeth, leapt at the man and clenched down on his leg, cutting through a pant leg into his skin. The shaken teen attacker yanked his leg loose from the canine’s clench and ran away toward a playground.

The Gwinnett County Police Department is searching for a dark-skinned, black man in his late teens. During the attack, the woman, whose name was not released, said her attacker wore dark, baggy pants and a white T-shirt. The teenager’s cap had white-stitched lettering. Police have no leads or other reports of assaults in county parks.

According to Wikipedia, the Labrador is the most popular breed of assistance dog in the United States and Australia. The dog is used by police for their detection and working abilities. Native to the island of Newfoudland, the “Lab” is a friend to the blind. Seven out of 10 guide dogs in the U.S. are labs. classified the Lab’s bite as a “Scissors” type. Police did not know if the assailant sought medical attention for his wound.