Due to the physically demanding responsibilities of a postal or commercial delivery truck driver and the prolonged hours spent on the road on a daily basis, it is a position widely recognized as being subject to injury from strain or accidents. As a result of this, the trucking and delivery industry has become one of the leading sectors for workplace injury and workers’ compensation claims. While many companies devote a great deal of effort to helping their employees cope with such hardships, there will inevitably arise some disagreements in settling these matters and protecting the driver’s welfare while he or she is out of commission. As a driver, it is important to know how to go about helping yourself in the event of an injury.
Where to start when you are injured on the job
The first step when you have been injured on the job is to notify your employer of the situation. Providing them with the information that they need to properly respond allows for your compensation to be acquired smoothly and swiftly. They will likely present you with forms to be filled out recounting the events surrounding your injury. Complete these forms carefully, including all relevant details of the incident. You may also be required to fill out separate forms with the company’s worker’s compensation carrier. Take similar care with these and perform all required tasks in a timely fashion. Demonstrating diligence in pursuing these matters will minimize the risk of error on your part and show a history of professionalism and responsibility should the matter go to court.
What to do if your claim is contested
Acquire legal representation. Attempting to resolve a contested worker’s compensation case can be a daunting task requiring legal expertise and experience. Negotiating with employers or carriers who are reluctant to administer appropriate compensation can add emotional stress and difficulty to an already draining time when your focus should be on recovering your physical health and well-being. In such situations, it is best to seek the assistance of seasoned professionals who have been through countless cases like yours and who know what is required to attain the assistance you deserve.
How Dover Law Firm Can Help You
If you or a loved one are injured on the job, acquiring proper representation is the most important part of pursuing appropriate compensation. Your interests will be best represented by a firm that not only understands the law, but medical terminology, conditions, and procedures as well. You must assume that the other party in your case will acquire skilled representation and that you must do the same to ensure your well-being.   That skill and dedication is what distinguishes Dover Law Firm from other Atlanta law firms. To provide for your representation, call Dover Law Firm today so that we can begin the process of securing your interests and getting you back on the road to recovery.