Rear-end crashes, known in their milder forms as “fender benders”, rank as the most common type of car-to-car collision on the road. Though the commonality with which we see these milder, low-impact instances of rear collisions may lead us to think of them as innocuous or less threatening, they have the potential to create significant damage and injury to those involved. They can lead to whiplash-related injuries to the spine as well as muscular and connective tissue. They can also cause the vehicles’ inhabitants to collide with the interior of the car, causing cranial and chest injuries due to collision with the steering wheel, windshield, windows, and dashboard.

Dynamics of a Rear-End Collision

Rear-end collisions occur in one of three ways: excessive acceleration by a rear driver in which their speed exceeds that of the car in front of them, sudden deceleration by the front driver due to stop lights or obstructions in the road, or reversal by a front driver. In most instances of rear-end collision (with some exceptions), the rear driver is presumed to be at fault due to a failure to allow sufficient distance from the next vehicle.

The combined collapsibility of both cars and the fact that both are moving in the same direction is generally thought to mitigate the impact and thus the damage incurred in rear-end collisions. It is approximated that a car colliding with the rear of another similar vehicle at 30 mph is equivalent to that car colliding with a rigid surface such as a dividing wall or barricade at 15 mph, though this depends largely upon the respective vehicles’ physical structures.

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