Accidents involving motorcycles have a deserved reputation of being some of the most dangerous on the road. The combination of frequently high speeds, low profile and diminished visibility, different means of maneuvering, and lack of protection from impact place those who ride motorcycles at high risk of impact and injury. As a result, motorcyclists are generally thought to be 25 times more likely to experience a fatal accident on the road than drivers of other vehicles. However, motorcyclists are not the only ones to be affected by their higher risk. More than half of all motorcycle accidents involve drivers of automobiles who, despite the protection provided by their vehicles, are not immune from serious damage and injury should an accident occur. As a result, the presence of motorcycles increases risk to those with whom they share the road as well. However, motorcycles are a real and frequently encountered factor on the road and one whose danger can be mitigated through knowledge and vigilance.

Mitigating Increased Risk Factors

Accident statistics often indicate certain behaviors that can be altered to improve safety. For example, 42% of fatal two-vehicle motorcycle crashes involved a vehicle turning left while the motorcycle attempted to go straight, pass, or overtake the vehicle. Clearly this is indicative of both a failure by drivers to check before turning and riskiness on the part of bikers who attempt to pass without regard for the behaviors of the other vehicle. Similarly, in accidents involving no other vehicle, 42% of all motorcyclists were speeding. A clear message can be drawn on the importance of obeying speed limits. Other statistics point to the importance of obeying traffic signals and signs, remaining within one lane instead of “lane splitting” as is popular with some bikers, and respecting the risk of adverse weather conditions. Awareness of these simple factors can go a long way to securing the well-being of motorcyclists and those with whom they share the road.

How Dover Can Help You

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