Extreme weather conditions, whether thunderstorms, snow, hail, sleet, or iced roads, can introduce a long list of variables to the conditions that you and your fellow drivers face on the road. Above and beyond everyday driving, operating a vehicle in extreme weather conditions brings with it a raised standard of care and conscientiousness that must be met to keep all parties on the road safe. To avoid injury, you should remain aware of the various threats that are posed when you encounter rough weather on the road.

The Risks of Driving in Extreme Weather

Extreme weather conditions pose a number of risks to drivers, most notably slippery roads, low visibility, and strong winds. The resulting inability to see the road, other cars, and objects can lead drivers to run off the road, suffer rear-end collisions, or even veer out of their lane and into oncoming traffic. The diminished traction of wet roads can increase the required stopping distance between one car and the next. To compensate for these factors, drivers are advised to maintain careful speeds, be alert to their surroundings, and maintain a safe distance between themselves and the vehicle in front of them.

Extreme Weather Accidents and Accident Liability

Extreme weather is not a defense in multiple car accidents. As far as insurers are concerned, parties maintain the same liability for property damage and injury as they would in clear weather. In single vehicle accidents, police will often time not even issue a citation. In the eyes of your insurance company, however, they will likely still list you as being at fault, which can affect your premiums. If you feel that your insurer is improperly considering your claim and wrongfully affecting your policy with them, you should consult with skilled legal representatives who can expertly handle the matter.

What to Do If You Are In an Extreme Weather Accident

If you have been the victim of an accident resulting from extreme weather, getting you back to full physical and financial health means finding skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced legal representatives to assist you in acquiring the compensation that you are due. Your interests will be best represented by a firm that not only understands the law, but medical terminology, conditions, and procedures as well. You must assume that the other party in your case will acquire skilled representation and that you must do the same to ensure your well-being.