Smyrna car accidents are stressful events. In just seconds, your world changes and whatever you were about to do is postponed by the impact of your collision. If you are injured it isn't just your immediate future that is affected, but also the days, weeks, months and sometimes years ahead of you that are impacted.

Each Smyrna injury lawyer in our office understands the trauma that you are going through and is committed to working hard for your recovery from the moment of impact.

Since it is impossible to predict when the horror of a Smyrna car accident is going to affect your life, we offer the following advice to all Smyrna drivers so that you know what to expect immediately after your accident.

If you have been involved in a Smyrna car crash then it is important to:
  • Call 911 or (770) 434-9481 to Reach the Smyrna Police Department and to report the accident.
  • Take Pictures and Document the Crash and Resulting Injuries. The information may be useful in your subsequent settlement negotiations or at trial.
  • Get Prompt Medical Treatment. It is important to get prompt medical treatment for a proper diagnosis and for proper treatment of your injuries.
  • Call a Smyrna Injury Attorney at 770.518.1133 for help.

A Smyrna car accident lawyer will help you from there. Once you call one of the experienced accident lawyers at The Dover Law Firm, we will guide you every step of the way. We will protect your rights and zealously advocate for your full and complete recovery.

Our goal is to right the wrong that has been done and to help you recover from your accident injuries. We will not be paid unless we recover money for you in your case. Call a Smyrna car accident attorney and get started on your road to recovery.