As a parent, your primary concern when your teenager gets behind the wheel for the first time will always be their physical safety. Inexperience and a lack of the learned skills and habits that come with years of driving leave them vulnerable to mistakes. Unfortunately, there is another danger in teenage driving: the increased scrutiny to which they might be made subject in the event of an accident, even if the accident is not their fault. The common (and often valid) perception of teenage drivers as dangerous and irresponsible can sometimes taint understandings of the accidents in which they are involved. Other parties to an accident may seek to shift blame onto your young person with the assumption that their youth makes for ample evidence of their culpability, particularly when injuries and large financial liabilities could be involved. It is important to ensure that your teen is not taken advantage of due to their age.
What Can I Do to Protect My Teen In an Accident?
The best defenses that can be made against unfounded accusations toward your young person consist of them learning the right habits and taking the right safety measures before an accident ever occurs. Teenagers who drive conscientiously and defensively will not only minimize their risk of accident and injury, but will make it far more difficult for another party to try to use their age as leverage when it comes time to determine accountability for a collision. Widely hailed practices such as minimizing hand-held cell phone usage while driving, obeying speed laws, and never driving while under the influence of alcohol can vastly reduce the probability of accidents. However, subtler skills such as always checking blind spots before changing lanes and allowing sufficient deceleration before stopping at stop signs and red lights are details that parents and more experienced drivers often take for granted and forget to instill in their children. The ability to detect hazards, assess risk, and know one’s limitations can be of immeasurable value on the road. When facing a law suit, a teenager being able to say that they took all expected safety precautions while driving can make all the difference in protecting them from liability.
How Dover Law Firm Can Help You
If your teen is involved in an accident in which they or another party are injured, acquiring proper representation is the most important part of pursuing appropriate compensation. Your interests will be best represented by a firm that not only understands the law, but medical terminology, conditions, and procedures as well. You must assume that the other party in your case will acquire skilled representation and that you must do the same to ensure your well-being.  

That skill and dedication is what distinguishes Dover Law Firm from other Atlanta law firms. To provide for your representation, call Dover Law Firm today so that we can begin the process of securing your interests and getting your family back on the road to recovery.