If you've been injured in a serious Georgia car or truck wreck, pain and suffering are some of the most devastating harms that occur. These are the injuries that affect your quality of life; these are the injuries that affect the very core of who you are.  But a serious accident can impact you in many other ways as well -- often in ways thay you don't even realize.

The following list categorizes the different types of damages that may be available to you in the state of Georgia. This is not a comprehensive list, but merely a general list of damages that are allowed in the state of Georgia:

• medical bills (past, present and future)
• lost wages (past, present and future)
• pain and suffering (past, present and future)
• lost earning capacity
• mental and emotional anguish
• impairment of bodily health and vigor
• disfigurement
• wrongful death; the financial assessment reflects both economic losses and non-economic losses
• humiliation, shock, fright
• aggravation of a pre-existing injury
• funeral expenses
• punitive damages
• loss of consortium
• interference with normal living
• interference with enjoyment of life
• confinement – actual and/or a fear of future confinement
• lifetime limits on activities
• injury to peace, happiness, or feelings

It is critical that you receive a comprehensive evaluation of the harm you have experienced or will experience. Your lawyer must be able to determine what an appropriate settlement and jury verdict would be with respect to the injuries you have suffered. We at the Dover Law Firm have handled thousands of cases and have experience in properly evaluating an injury claim.