Recently, the Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety released their 9th annual Roadmap to State Highway Safety Laws. How did Georgia do in this analysis?

While Georgia received a green light, the Advocates highest rating, there were some areas in which the Advocates found that Georgia could improve. The most notable area was in protecting teen drivers, passengers, and other motorists who are near teen drivers. If you, or your child, have been hurt by a teen driver, then it is important to learn about your rights by contacting a Marietta auto accident attorney. For everyone, teens, parents and other Georgians, it is important to learn how our roads may be made safer.

Georgia Highway Safety Laws that May Still Be Needed
The Advocates had four recommendations for Georgia law makers. One had to do with requiring ignition interlock devices for drunk drivers.  The other three had to do with teen driving laws. Georgia could benefit from the following teen driving laws, according to the Advocates:

  • Establishing 16 as the minimum age for a learner’s permit
  • Creating graduated driver’s license provisions that restrict nighttime driving
  • Creating graduated driver’s license provisions that restrict the number of teen passengers a teen driver may have in the car at one time

Contact a Marietta Auto Accident Attorney After a Teen Driving Crash
The estimated annual cost of car accidents in Georgia is $7.85 billion. As high as that number is, it does not adequately represent the 1,244 lives in 2010, the grief of the loved ones, or the pain and suffering of those who were injured.

Perhaps the laws suggested by the Advocates would reduce the fatalities, injuries and economic costs of Georgia accidents. However, they are unlikely to be eliminated. If you have been hurt, or if you have lost a loved one in a Georgia car crash, please call an experienced Marietta car accident attorney today at 1.770.518.1133 for more information and please download a FREE copy of our book, 4 Common Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Georgia Car or Truck Claim, to learn more about your rights.