Motor vehicle crashes remain the number one cause of death for children across the country. Research indicates that the proper use of car seats can dramatically reduce the car accident fatality rate for children. Yet, about 70% of children are not properly restrained in cars, according to the Georgia Child Safety Passenger Headquarters.

Some of the reasons for improper restraints are not new. Reports have documented inconsistent use of car seats, especially as children get older, and how the improper installation of car seats can diminish their effectiveness.

However, a new report recently released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found yet another factor that could be preventing car seats from being installed correctly. This time the reason for difficult or incorrect installations may be because of car manufacturers. In other words, it may be the design of the vehicle that is causing the improper use of car seats and leading to injuries and calls to a Marietta auto accident attorney.

Results of the IIHS Child Restraint Installation Report
The IIHS found that only 21 of the top selling 98 2010-2011 model passenger vehicles had LATCH designs that were easy to use. The IIHS, in a news release, mentioned that parents often blame themselves for car seats that are incorrectly installed. Yet, it is not always the parent that is at fault. Sometimes it is the design of the vehicle.  A list of vehicles that meet the IIHS easy installation criteria, and the vehicles that don’t, is available on the IIHS website.
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