Sometimes Georgia accidents are simply unavoidable, as there are always going to be negligent drivers on the road that pose a danger to your safety. However, there are noticeable signs to watch out for and ways to avoid being involved in a Dunwoody truck accident.

Reduce Your Chances of Being Injured in a Georgia Truck Crash

Since semi trucks are large, they have many blind spots. As a driver, you should know about and avoid driving in their blind spots. Blind spots around trucks are called "No-Zones," which represent the blinds spots where your car can disappear from the truck driver's sight. It is dangerous to drive on the side of the truck or in the rear of truck.

Keep a safe following distance. If you are following a tractor-trailer, you should be able to see the driver's side mirrors. If you cannot see them, then you are following too close and are in a truck's No-Zone. It is a good idea to minimize your traveling time next to or behind a large truck in order to reduce your chances of being in a Dunwoody truck wreck.

Avoid passing a truck on the right side when it is approaching an intersection. Trucks make wide turns, and because of their blind spots they may not see you. You may be caught between the curb and the truck and involved in a collision because you tried to squeeze in.

When you are passing a truck or merging in front of a truck, do so safely. Do not cut the trucker off; they will not have enough time to stop. Always make sure you have plenty of room to make the pass.

It only takes one negligent truck driver to cause a Dunwoody truck crash. If you see an aggressive truck driver on the road speeding, changing lanes without signaling, and maneuvering recklessly, avoid driving around that truck.

Driving safely around large trucks is critical for your own safety. Because tractor-trailers weigh so much compared to passenger cars, collisions between trucks and cars can be devastating for the occupants in the smaller vehicle. Georgia truck crashes have frequently resulted in serious injuries and even loss of life.

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