Traffic accidents occur throughout Georgia every day and cause motorists minor to serious injuries. When accidents involve large tractor trailer trucks, injuries to other motorists can be catastrophic since they weigh so much more than passenger vehicles.

According to the US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there are about 400,000 truck accidents involving other motor vehicles each year. Of these accidents, 18% are rear-end truck crashes. There are about 42,000 truck-striking accidents compared to approximately 28,000 truck-struck collisions. Although this statistic incorporates both types of rear-end accidents (trucks striking other vehicles from behind and cars striking trucks from behind), there are many factors that lead to rear-end truck crashes in Atlanta and throughout Georgia.

Factors that increase the risks of rear-end truck accidents in Marietta include:

  • Trucks are less maneuverable.
  • Semi trucks can weight over 40 times more than passenger vehicles.
  • It is harder for a truck driver to steer away from a rear-end accident due to the sheer size of the vehicle and the potential of jackknifing. 
  • Large trucks take longer to stop and have a more difficult time braking quickly when traffic comes to a halt.
  • Truck drivers have been known to follow too closely.
  • Drivers that are distracted and inattentive.
  • Truck drivers may be drowsy from driving too long without taking proper rest breaks.

Where do rear-end truck accidents occur?

Most rear-end truck collisions in Georgia occur on divided roads, which are typically considered interstate highways or other divided highways. Interstates often see more truck accidents due to the frequency of truckers driving these types of roads to deliver goods between states.

Interstates allow truck drivers to go faster than on city streets, and it takes a much longer time to bring it to a full stop due to the large load size and weight when a truck is fully loaded. This weight causes a truck to become a weapon, striking the vehicles ahead and often causing serious and fatal injuries to innocent motorists.

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