If your cancer was misdiagnosed due to negligence, then someone may be to blame. Someone, typically a doctor, may have made a mistake that caused your cancer to be misdiagnosed and caused you to suffer harsher cancer treatments and/or a decreased life expectancy. When most of us think of who could have made this tragic mistake, our thoughts go immediately to the doctors with whom we have the most contact. Typically, we think of our primary care doctors or oncologists, for example.

However, they are not the only doctors whose negligence might result in a cancer misdiagnosis. A radiologist may also commit medical malpractice and misdiagnose cancer. When it is the radiologist who made a mistake, you have the same right to contact a Georgia failure to diagnose attorney as you do when it is your primary physician or internist who made the error.

Radiologist Medical Malpractice and Cancer Misdiagnoses
Typically, a radiologist reads the results of tests to determine whether a person has cancer. The radiologist has a responsibility to act with reasonable care and avoid negligence in his or her work that could lead to a cancer misdiagnosis. Specifically, a radiologist may be negligent when he or she:

  • Breaches his or her duty of care to the patient by failing to act like a reasonable radiologist would act given the circumstances. In other words, if a reasonable radiologist would have diagnosed the cancer, then a radiologist may breach his or her duty of care by failing to diagnose the caner.
  • Causes the patient to suffer harm that would not have occurred but for the radiologist's failure to act like a reasonable radiologist.  For example, if the cancer progressed to an advanced stage that may have been preventable with earlier treatment, then the patient may have suffered harm due to the radiologist's mistake.
How to Contact a Georgia Failure to Diagnose Attorney for Help
If a radiologist was negligent in diagnosing your cancer, then it is important to contact a Georgia failure to diagnose lawyer as soon as possible. The Atlanta failure to diagnose attorneys at the Dover Law Firm welcome your call at 1.770.518.1133 and are available to talk to you about your rights and potential recovery.

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