Concussions are often called mild brain injuries. Do not let the term "mild" fool you. A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that occurs when there is a sudden blow to the head, and the effects of a concussion can be serious when the concussion is not properly identified and treated.

The identification of a potential concussion begins with people who are near the injured person at the time of the accident and continues with doctors when treatment is sought. Anytime there is a blow to the head such as in youth sports, car accidents or elderly falls, a concussion may be possible and an injured person should be brought to a doctor quickly for a diagnosis. The failure to identify a possible concussion by a caretaker or the failure to diagnose a concussion by a doctor is serious and should warrant a call to a Georgia brain injury lawyer.

Potential Consequences of Undiagnosed Concussion
It is important to give the brain time to rest and heal after a concussion. Failure to do so may result in a worsening of symptoms, including painful headaches. However, perhaps the biggest potential consequence of an undiagnosed concussion is that the injured person will be put in a situation where another concussion may occur. For example, a high school football player may be allowed to play in the next game. When a subsequent concussion occurs brain swelling, permanent brain damage or death can occur.
When to Call a Georgia Brain Injury Lawyer
If you, or your child, have had a brain injury misdiagnosed and suffered physical harm as a result, then it is important to call an experienced Atlanta brain injury attorney to discuss your rights and potential recovery.

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