Some brain injuries are readily apparent. An Atlanta car accident or a Savannah occupational injury may, immediately leave a victim with loss of movement, loss of memory, or even loss of life, for example. However, not all brain injuries result in symptoms that are immediately apparent. Thus, if you, or a loved one, have suffered a head injury in any type of accident then it is important to be aware of the brain injury symptoms that may become apparent after the day of the injury, and it is important to know how to contact an experienced Georgia brain injury lawyer for help.

10 Symptoms of Brain Injuries That May Not Be Seen at the Accident Scene
In the days and weeks following a head injury, it is important to be alert and to promptly report the following potential symptoms of a brain injury to your doctor:

  1. Trouble focusing
  2. Mood changes
  3. Trouble with word retrieval or understanding
  4. Confusion in social situations
  5. Difficulty understanding written language
  6. Problems with balance
  7. Problems with any of the senses
  8. Changes in vision
  9. Impulsivity
  10. Changes in sleep patterns

Of course, this list does not describe all of the possible symptoms of a brain injury that may appear. The specific symptoms depend on the part of the brain that was injured. Therefore, it is important to report any changes in your health, emotions, or behavior to your doctor.
How to Contact a Georgia Brain Injury Lawyer for Help
It is also important to contact an experienced Georgia brain injury attorney as soon as possible after you suffer a brain injury. The experienced Atlanta brain injury lawyers of The Dover Law Firm welcome your call and would be pleased to provide you with a free consultation. Please call us today at 1.770.518.1133 for more information.

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