It may seem like everyone has an opinion about what you should do after your East Point car accident. A well meaning friend may know someone "really great" who recently graduated from law school or a close relative may "adore" the general practice attorney who she has been using for years.

While personal recommendations should not be ignored, it is also important to consider specific things about an East Point car accident attorney that friends and relatives might not share with you.
Specifically it is important to hire:
  • A Local Lawyer. A local lawyer is familiar with the roads, intersections and hazards common in East Point, and is familiar with the police department and local judges. This may be advantageous to you if you've been hurt in an East Point accident.
  • An East Point Car Accident Lawyer. While any Georgia lawyer can represent an East Point accident victim, an attorney with experience handling car accidents may be important to your recovery. A car accident attorney has experience negotiating with insurance companies, reviewing medical records and fighting hard for the just recovery of injured accident victims.
  • An Attorney with Whom You are Comfortable. Consider what is important to you. Meet with a potential lawyer for a free consultation and determine whether you are comfortable speaking candidly to your lawyer. Think about whether your lawyer is really listening to what you are saying and understanding your goals and your needs.

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Additionally, please call an East Point auto accident attorney today at 1.770.518.1133 for a free consultation so that you can make an educated decision about hiring a lawyer to represent your important interests after an East Point accident.