There are many reasons why cancer medical malpractice cases fail to prevail in court, and an Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis attorney has to evaluate multiple issues before filing a claim. 

One of the most difficult elements to consider when deciding whether or not to file a delayed cancer diagnosis claim is to assess is whether an earlier diagnosis would have made a real difference in the treatment needed or the chance of a cure. 

The fact is, some cancers, like small cell lung cancers, have devastating consequences and require the same treatments if they are diagnosed at three months, six months, or 12 months. Mistakes in diagnosis or treatment may not have major clinical implications in terms of the ultimate outcome.

On the other hand, other cancers, such as testicular cancer, Hodgkin’s disease and some lymphomas, prostate and breast cancers, are quite curable even after metastasis. Liability in these cases is potentially much higher. However, even in these cases, a short delay in diagnosis of one to three months may not be substantial enough to claim that a plaintiff had lost the chance of a cure or more tolerable treatment.

These are the types of questions your lawyer has to answer before filing a claim for a cancer victim, and it's not an easy process. Often a significant amount of research has to be performed before the matter can even be turned over to an expert.

If you believe your cancer was diagnosed later than it should have been, you should contact an experienced Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis attorney for a thorough review of the proper documents and available information to determine whether you have sufficient grounds for a claim.