You know that you've been injured in an Atlanta truck accident. You believe that the trucker, or trucking company, was at fault for the accident and you might have the right to recover damages. Yet, you are unsure whether to file an Atlanta truck accident lawsuit.

How to Decide Whether to File an Atlanta Trucking Accident Case

Your uncertainty is understandable. Most of the clients who visit our Atlanta trucking accident law firm have questions about whether filing a lawsuit is right for them. While each case is unique, we encourage prospective clients to consider:
  • How an Atlanta Truck Accident Case May Impact You. Think about your injuries and what they have cost you. Now think about how a financial recovery might help you pay your bills and cover your lost income. Would it make your life easier?
  • How an Atlanta Truck Accident Case May Impact Your Family. Your accident has affected not only you but also your family. Would a recovery reduce the financial burden of caretaking and lost income?
  • How an Atlanta Truck Accident Case May Impact the Trucking Company. Will a lawsuit require the trucking company to make important changes that could prevent future accident injuries and spare others the pain that you are going through?

Contact an Experienced Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney For More Information

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We also encourage you to read our FREE book, 4 Common Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Georgia Car or Truck Claim, for more information about what to do after an Atlanta truck wreck.