1. Call the police. If needed, call 911.

2. Get as much information as you can about the other vehicle, its driver, and passengers.

3. Find out if anyone witnessed the accident. Get witness information; names, addresses and phone numbers.

4. If you’re hurt, tell the police, and get medical care. Go to the emergency room, you deserve to be checked.

5. If you have a camera or camera phone, take photos of the accident scene, and the damage to the car.

6. Be aggressive about getting medical care and getting yourself well.

7. Be extremely careful and hesitant when speaking with the insurance companies. Their sole purpose is to deny the claim or to pay as little as possible.

8. Do not accept any money or sign any papers until you are absolutely certain concerning your injuries and continued health. Don't sign anything you do not understand, and don't rely on the insurance company to explain the papers correctly. Get your own counsel.

9. Document and save everything, property damage estimates, medical bills, medical records, lost wages records, pharmacy receipts, document your phone calls with the insurance company.

10. If there are any doubts about whether the insurance company is treating you fairly, or if you think they are taking too long to respond, contact our offices for a free legal consultation today.