Does it take you a long time to get to work? Does driving in Atlanta leave you tired or nervous? These problems are real, serious and potentially dangerous.

Each year INRIX, a firm that studies traffic and navigation, releases a study about the most congested metropolitan areas in the country. In 2010, the Atlanta - Sandy Spring - Marietta metropolitan was found to be the 12th most congested area in the country for the third consecutive year. The Augusta area was the only other Georgia location to make the list, and it ranked 92nd out of the 100 areas included in the study.

Congested Roads May Cause Atlanta Trucking Accidents

Traffic in the metro Atlanta area is not just a nuisance. It does not just make you late for work. It may, instead, put your life in danger. As cars, motorcycles, buses and trucks travel in close proximity, the likelihood of being in a serious car or truck accident may increase. All it takes is one distracted driver, one drunk motorcyclist, or one tired trucker to cause a crash that results in serious injuries or fatalities.

When to Contact an Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney

If you have been hurt, or a loved one has been killed in an Atlanta truck crash, then you may have the right to recover legal damages.

Our Atlanta accident attorneys want to help you. We want to take away some of the stress and anxiety that follow an Atlanta truck accident, and we want to fight for your just and fair damages so that you, and your family, can make the maximum possible recovery.

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