Remember all that time you spent choosing an infant car seat and securing it in your backseat? Remember that careful ride home from the hospital and all the precautions that you took to keep your infant safe? Your child may now be a little more sturdy then a defenseless infant, but vigilance about car seat installation remains as important now as it did then.

According to the U.S. government, car accidents are the leading cause of death among children ages 3 - 14. Car crashes are also a leading cause of injury among young children.

A recent study by Safe Kids USA found that children riding in forward facing convertible car seats and booster seats could be kept safer, if*:
  • A top tether was used with forward facing car seats. Less than one third of the car seats inspected used a top tether and 41% of those that did use a top tether used it incorrectly.
  • Children were kept rear facing longer. New evidence suggests that children should remain rear facing until age 2, instead of age 1 as previously thought.
  • Parents had their car seat installations inspected to make sure that a proper fit is in place.

As a parent, you know that you can only control so much. Just as your child is going to do what he or she wants to do, so too are other drivers. Even if your child's car seat is correctly installed and your child is properly secured, another driver could cause an Atlanta car accident and your child could suffer significant injuries.

We know that you want to protect your child with a good car seat, and our Atlanta car accident lawyers want to help your family if your child is hurt by another driver. To reach experienced auto accident attorneys in Atlanta who are committed to helping your family, please call 1.770.518.1133 today for a free consultation.

*Source: Safe Kids USA, Press Release, New Research Shows That Parents Still Struggle With Proper Child Safety Seat Use, September 15, 2011