The world is a different place then it was just two decades ago, largely in part to the fast development of technology. Almost every industry has changed and the trucking industry is no exception. Technology is now being used in the trucking industry in a way that it couldn't have been used when many of the truckers on the road began their careers.

The question is: Is technology useful for the trucking industry and can it help prevent truck crashes?

Consider the Differences in Three Key Areas of Trucking

  • Then: Truck drivers could speed with little or no consequence. They could avoid speed traps by warning each other over CB radio and, without a speeding ticket, it was highly unlikely that their employer would ever know (or care) that they were speeding.
  • Now: Computers installed on their engines set the maximum speed at which truckers can travel. Employers, some of whom are motivated by lowering fuel costs, can now find out the speed of the truck at any given point in time.
Hours of Service
  • Then: Hours of service logs were maintained on paper by individual truck drivers. Written hours of service logs could be easily changed.
  • Now: Truckers are electronically recorded. There is no room for human error or change.
Monitoring Location
  • Then: A trucker could drive quickly, edit his log book and take some time off if he finished early.
  • Now: Trucking companies uses satellite technology to monitor the location of trucks. It is difficult, if not impossible, to deviate from the truck route with impunity.

Despite these changes, Georgia tractor trailer accidents continue to occur.

Auto Accident Attorneys in Atlanta May be Able to Help After a Truck Wreck

Unfortunately, there has yet to be a technological development that has eliminated truck accidents. Ultimately, the prevention of accidents still comes down to the actions and decisions of truck drivers and other motorists.

If you have been hurt in a Georgia truck wreck, then you may be entitled to damages. It is important to contact an Atlanta auto accident lawyer as soon as possible after your crash to discuss your potential recovery.

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