An Atlanta truck accident changes everything.  The weight and size of a tractor trailer or 18-wheeler often means that significant injuries result after a crash. Determining who is liable for the accident, and the resulting injuries, is critical to your recovery.  Often, Atlanta truck accident investigations are more complicated than investigations between two personal motor vehicles because of the diversity of things that may go wrong and cause a truck crash.

Why the Truck Crash Investigation is Important

Each Atlanta truck accident attorney at The Dover Law Firm works hard on each client’s truck crash investigation.  It is through our investigation that we can determine who is liable for your injuries and against whom we can build a strong case to help you get the recovery that you deserve.

Some of the things that we will consider during our investigation include whether:
  • The truck was operating properly at the time of the accident.  We will look at the vehicle’s maintenance report and at any recalls associated with the truck or its parts.
  • Driver error may have been a factor in the crash.  We will look to see if the driver was using a cell phone, drinking and driving, or otherwise acting dangerously at the time of the crash.
  • Employer error may have been a factor in the crash.  Our investigation will include reviewing the log book to see the driver’s rest periods, reviewing training documentation to see if the driver was appropriately trained, and any compensation plans that encourage drivers to drive too quickly.
  • Any other relevant factors that may have led to the crash.

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An Atlanta truck crash lawyer will review the documentation, talk to the right people, and analyze the cause of your accident and injuries so that a strong case can be presented to the insurance company.  The insurance company does not want you to recover for your truck wreck injuries, as we explain in our free report Typical Insurance Company Tactics.  We do want you to recover. Call us today for a free consultation.