It isn't just your fast food meal that has become supersized over the years. Over the past few decades, tractor trailers and other large trucks have also gotten bigger. And, as we know from the fast food analogy - bigger is not always better. In fact, in the case of trucks, bigger may be more dangerous.

Why Big Trucks Are Dangerous

Serious Atlanta trucking accidents can involve trucks of any size. However, large trucks may be more likely to cause significant crashes and injuries because:
  • The size and weight of larger trucks mean the trucks require more stopping time. If traffic stops suddenly or a distracted or tired trucker is unaware that traffic has been gradually slowing, then a serious crash can occur.
  • The size and weight of oversize trucks can cause the trucks to be less stable and tip more easily. An overturned truck can result in significant injuries for the truck driver, occupants and anyone else in the vicinity of the vehicle.
  • Trucks that exceed the standard width may make it difficult to pass and create dangerous situations, even with warning systems in place.
  • The wear and tear on infrastructure is significant. While this might not create an immediate Atlanta car accident injury, it has the potential to be costly and/or catastrophic in the future.

Contact an Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney if You Have Been Hurt

The government regulates the size and weight of trucks in an effort to protect you. If an oversized truck has caused you to sustain an injury or endure the loss of a loved one, then it is important to call 1.770.518.1133 to speak with an experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyer today.

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