Many Atlanta trucking accidents are caused by trucker error. Many - but not all. Some Atlanta truck crashes are caused by faulty trucks. Legally mandated truck inspections are supposed to prevent defective trucks from being on the road, and they do prevent some truck crashes.

Faulty Brakes Lead to Highway Truck Accidents

However, recent information released by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) found that the number of highway crashes caused by "poorly maintained braking systems on commercial vehicles" could be significantly reduced with more education and awareness activities.

Of concern to the CVSA is that more than 50% of the out of service violations cited during inspections were because of braking issues. Braking problems may be caused by design defects or improper maintenance and adjustments. Regardless of the cause, brakes that do not work properly can create a very real, potentially deadly, danger on the road.

Was Your Atlanta Truck Accident Caused by Faulty Brakes, Negligence or Another Factor?

Without a thorough investigation by an experienced Atlanta truck accident attorney, it can be difficult to answer that question. As a truck accident victim, or the loved one of a victim, you know that the truck did something unexpected and unsafe. You know the injuries that you, or your loved one, have suffered. You also deserve to know why the accident occurred and your family is suffering.

Our Atlanta accident lawyers will spare no reasonable expense when we investigate your case. We will look at all of the possible factors so that we can help you get the recovery that you deserve from the parties that caused your injuries and so that we can help trucking companies take the necessary actions to prevent future crashes.

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