You've gotten the call that we all dread. Your loved one was seriously hurt in an Atlanta truck accident and has suffered a traumatic brain injury. You want to help your loved one recover from his or her accident injuries, but how can you do that?

People who suffer traumatic brain injuries in Atlanta trucking accidents need an advocate.

You can advocate for quick and appropriate medical care. A study published in the July issue of the Journal of Emergency Nursing found there is a significant impact on a patient's recovery when the patient with a traumatic brain injury is taken from the emergency room into surgery quickly. Specifically, it improved the patient's chances of survival and decreased the amount of time the patient had to stay in the hospital.

If your loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury in an Atlanta truck crash, then you may need to be a vocal advocate in the emergency room to get your loved one the timely care that he or she needs.

You can advocate for your loved one to be represented by an Atlanta truck accident attorney. Traumatic brain injuries can cause significant and lifelong problems. The issues your loved one faces primarily depend on the three factors: the area of the brain that is injured, the extent of the injury, and how quickly your loved one got immediate medical care.

Since the potential costs associated with a truck accident brain injury are significant, it is important to contact Atlanta car accident lawyers as soon as possible to help with your loved one's financial recovery.

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