There is no doubt that blood and broken bones can signal potentially serious problems after an Atlanta trucking accident. However, some of the most serious injuries may occur with fewer immediate physical signs. Nerve damage, for example, can result in significant and permanent injuries.

Potential Nerve Damage After Atlanta Truck Crashes

How nerve damage will affect you after a truck wreck depends on which nerves were damaged in the crash and how significant the damage is to the affected nerves. For example, you may experience difficulty with movement, loss of sensitivity, tingling or loss of strength. These symptoms may be mild to severe and may be temporary or permanent. For example, if a nerve in the brain or spinal cord is injured, then you may experience partial or complete paralysis. Paralysis is typically permanent and can change the way that you live.

How an Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney Will Fight for Your Just Recovery

Atlanta truck accident lawyers look beyond the drama of the accident scene. We understand that an injury does not have to be bloody in order to be serious. Instead of looking at the immediate physical signs of injury, our experienced Atlanta car accident lawyers will study your doctors' reports and take the time to understand the impact of your accident on your life.

We will zealously advocate for your full and fair recovery, and we will never lose sight of the importance of your legal recovery to your future. For more information about how one of our Atlanta accident lawyers may be able to help you, please call us today at 1.770.518.1133.

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