Once you settle an Atlanta truck accident claim you are typically bound by the settlement. The terms of most settlement agreements preclude you from seeking future reimbursement for your injuries from the defendants who were parties to the settlement. Thus, it is important that you, together with Atlanta truck accident attorney, fight hard for your fair and complete damages.

Why is it so Important?

Spinal cord injuries and other back injuries that occur because of Atlanta trucking accidents can have lifelong implications. The disability, the limitations, and the pain may never go away. In fact, the pain may worsen over time and significantly impact your ability to work, to participate in family activities, and to enjoy your life.

Your Atlanta truck accident lawyer understands that your truck accident settlement must account for your current and future damages. To that end, your attorney will work closely with your doctors who can reasonably anticipate how your injury may affect you for the rest of our life. Your doctors will look at your test results and use their knowledge from treating other patients to anticipate what will happen to you. Their written reports will be useful in determining an appropriate settlement amount for your case.

Does it Matter Which Atlanta Trucking Accident Law Firm I Hire?
It does matter which law firm you hire since you will not get a second chance at a fair settlement. The experienced Atlanta injury lawyers of The Dover Law Firm are committed to helping you get the recovery that you deserve.

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