As a driver, there hasn't been much good news about gas prices in the last few months. It is costing more and more to fill your tank, and it seems like when a modest price drop does occur the price inches higher again the following week.

While the higher gas prices undoubtedly leave less money in your wallet, they may be indirectly keeping you safe from truck accidents. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal found that high gas prices are encouraging some trucking companies to limit the speeds that their trucks travel.

According to the Wall Street Journal, several big trucking companies have used the computers installed on engines to decrease the maximum speed of their trucks and thereby increase fuel efficiency. They are also inadvertently increasing safety both for their truckers and Atlanta motorists.

3 Ways Slower Trucks Can Help Prevent Crashes

Slower trucks may decrease the number of accident injuries by:
  • Taking a shorter time to stop
  • Being less likely to lose control
  • Causing less serious injuries if a crash does occur

Contact an Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer if an Injury Does Occur

While slower trucks may cause fewer truck accidents, tractor trailer wrecks are likely to remain a problem. A truck traveling 65 mph is still dangerous and can still cause serious injuries or fatalities. In fact, some truckers believe that slower trucks may be more dangerous because it makes car drivers impatient and more likely to be in an auto accident.

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*Source: Firms Put Brakes on Truckers, Wall Street Journal, by Jeffrey Ball, July 11, 2011