The responsibility to avoid Georgia motorcycle accidents rests on both motorcyclists and drivers of other vehicles.  Motorcycle accidents have a greater likelihood of resulting in serious injuries and fatalities than other types of Georgia motor vehicle accidents.  That reason alone is enough to make it important to learn what can be done to prevent Georgia motorcycle crashes.

Three Things Motorcyclist Can Do to Avoid Accidents

Motorcyclists have a legal duty to drive responsibly and a strong personal interest in avoiding injuries or death.  While motorcyclists can’t avoid all accident injuries, there are things that they can do to protect themselves such as:
  • Be Seen.  Wear brightly colored clothes or a colorful helmet and keep your headlights on so that other motorists can easily see you on the road.
  • Follow the Rules of the Road.  Remember that the rules of the road apply to you, just as much as they do to other motorists.  Stop at all stop signs and traffic lights, do not speed, and travel only in designated travel lanes..
  • Communicate with Other Motorists.  Make eye contact with other motorists, and use your signal so that car and truck drivers can anticipate where you are going and give you the room that you need to travel safely.

Three Things Other Motorists Can Do to Avoid Accidents

While car and truck drivers are less likely to be hurt or killed in Alpharetta and Atlanta motorcycle crashes, they still have a vested interest in avoiding such crashes.  Here are some things that car and truck drivers can do to avoid motorcycle accidents:
  • Maintain a Safe Distance From Motorcyclists.  Maintain a following distance of 10 – 15 seconds depending on your speed so that you do not hit a motorcyclist who may stop suddenly.
  • Check Blind Spots Before Changing Lanes.  Motorcycles are relatively small and can easily travel in the blind spots of many motorists.  Always look over your shoulder and don’t rely solely on your rearview mirrors when changing lanes.
  • Stay Alert.  Do not drive drunk, drowsy or distracted.  Stay alert and protect yourself and motorcyclists from the significant harm of an accident.

These tips will prevent some, but not all Georgia motorcycle accident injuries and deaths.  If you’ve been hurt in a Georgia motorcycle accident, then it is important to seek the advice of an experienced Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney who can help you negotiate with the insurance company and pursue a full and fair recovery for your injuries.

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