Once you suspect that you have ovarian cancer, there is not a lot of time to waste.  Ovarian cancer typically does not present itself with any early symptoms, and many women are not diagnosed until they have a late stage of this dangerous, often fatal, disease.  Like many cancers, ovarian cancer is easier to treat when it is diagnosed early and the chances of survival improve with early treatment.

Since little time exists to correct the mistake, the failure to diagnose ovarian cancer can be devastating.

How Ovarian Cancer Should Be Diagnosed

While we are not physicians and would not presume to tell doctors how to do their jobs, we believe that patients should understand how ovarian cancer is diagnosed so that they can advocate for the correct diagnosis of their symptoms.

According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of ovarian cancer* include:
  • Abdominal pressure
  • Pelvic pain
  • Indigestion, gas, nausea
  • Change in bladder or bowel habits
  • Change in appetite
  • Lack of energy
  • Low back pain

When a patient presents with these symptoms, a primary care doctor, gynecologist or gynecological oncologist should conduct a pelvic exam and an ultrasound to make a proper diagnosis. If necessary, surgery may be needed.

What to Do After an Ovarian Cancer Misdiagnosis

If your ovarian cancer was misdiagnosed, or if you lost your mother, sister, wife or daughter too soon because of an ovarian cancer misdiagnosis, then it is important to contact an Atlanta medical malpractice attorney to discuss your legal rights. 

We may be able to help you get the medical care that you need and help ease the costs of out-of-pocket expenses and lost income related to your illness.  We may also be able to help you receive financial compensation for your pain and suffering. 

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*Source: Mayo Clinic.com Ovarian Cancer Symptoms