A stroke is a medical emergency.  While the medical outcome of a stroke can never be guaranteed, research does indicate that immediate medical treatment may be beneficial to a stroke patient.  In order to seek the appropriate emergency medical care, it is important to recognize the symptoms of a stroke.

Is This a Stroke? Common Symptoms of a Stroke

Like most medical conditions, a stroke presents differently in different patients.  However, there are some common symptoms.  The American Heart Association recommends that you seek emergency medical care if you experience the sudden onset of*:
  • Weakness or numbness of the face, arm or leg.  The weakness or numbness is especially concerning if it occurs only on one side of the body, but should be treated as an emergency in any case.
  • Confusion, difficulty speaking or difficulty understanding language.
  • Vision problems.
  • Walking, dizziness or coordination difficulties.
  • Severe headache with no known cause.

For more information about stroke symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of this condition, please read a free report written by our Atlanta medical malpractice attorneys: Stroke: Causes, Diagnosis & Medical Errors.

When Do Stroke Symptoms Occur?

Some patients experience the symptoms described above days before a stroke occurs.  The symptoms may be temporary in the days leading up to a stroke.  It is important to seek medical treatment even if you experience one of the symptoms described above that seems to resolve itself quickly.  For other patients, the symptoms occur after the stroke has already begun.

What to Do When You Recognize a Stroke Symptom

If you experience a symptom of a stroke, or if you are with someone whom you believe might be having a stroke, then you should call 911 or get to the nearest medical facility.  When you arrive, you or someone whom you are with should tell the doctors about all of your current symptoms and symptoms over the past few days so that you can prevent the doctor’s failure to diagnose a stroke.

If you have suffered from a doctor’s stroke misdiagnosis, or if you have lost a loved one because of such a misdiagnosis, then you may be entitled to damages.  Please contact an Alpharetta and Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer at 770.518.1133 or via our online contact form.

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