Buckle up. By the time you are eligible to get a driver's license you've probably heard the words "buckle up" hundreds of times. Advertisement campaigns encourage it, and your parents likely insist on it. But why are seat belts so important, and why do you have to use them?

Answers to Three Important seat belt Questions for New Georgia Drivers

Our Atlanta car accident lawyers have researched the answers to common seat belt safety questions for you and want to share the following questions and answers with you.*

Q. What Are seat belts Supposed to Do? seat belts are designed to keep drivers and passengers in their seats when the car stops suddenly or collides with something else. The chances of being ejected from a vehicle or hitting objects in the vehicle are greatly increased without a seat belt.

Q. Do seat belts Really Work? Research indicates that wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of drivers and front seat passengers dying in a car crash by 45%. The risk of moderate or severe injuries is reduced by 50% when a seat belt is worn in the front seat of a car. Those percentages are even greater for people in the front seats of vans, SUVs and pickup trucks. Similar statistics apply to backseat passengers.

Q. Does the Law Require Me to Wear a seat belt or is it My Decision? Georgia law requires you to wear a seat belt if you are driving, riding in the front seat, or you are 17 years or younger and riding in any seat.

Contact an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney After a Crash - Even if You Weren't Wearing a seat belt

While it is a primary offense in Georgia to not wear a seat belt while driving, your potential monetary award in a Georgia car accident lawsuit may not be diminished if you fail to wear a seat belt. Our experienced Atlanta accident lawyers want you to wear seat belts to protect your own health, but we will not judge you or turn you away if you were not wearing a seat belt at the time of your crash.

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*Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Q&A Safety Belts, August 2011 and Safety Belt Use Laws October 2011