As you plan your trip home for Thanksgiving you are likely thinking of the beloved family and friends you visit, the turkey and sides you anticipate, and the comfort of coming home for the holidays. Most of the time you will arrive at your destination safely and ready to eat, but an Atlanta accident can quickly derail that plan.

Tips for Preventing Thanksgiving Weekend Car Accidents in Atlanta

You can't control the behavior of other drivers or road conditions. However, you may be able to minimize the potential for a serious accident by:
  • Planning your route carefully. Consider what you know about highway traffic patterns (particularly on holiday weekends) and local roads. Take the route that you are most comfortable with even if it means driving a little bit out of your way. If you want to learn more about where fatal accidents have occurred in Atlanta, you can do a little internet research on sites such as to find out more.
  • Taking responsibility for your actions. Do not drink, speed or use your cell phone while driving. Do not argue with passengers, eat a meal or drive late into the night when you are too fatigued to operate your vehicle safely.
  • Sharing the trip with someone else. Perhaps you can take turns driving or travel together via public transportation rather than brave the roads alone.

Contact Experienced Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers if You Have Been Hurt

If an accident does occur, then it is important to know what to do. Call the police and get emergency medical help, if needed, even if it is a holiday weekend. Take care of yourself and call an Atlanta auto accident attorney if you have questions about your rights or potential recovery. Even if you live out of state it is important to call a local lawyer to represent you.

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