Georgia is 49th among the fifty U.S. states in the amount it spends on transportation.* Yet, it is one of the fastest growing states and has its fair share of traffic safety and congestion problems, especially in metro Atlanta.

In order to improve the safety, efficiency, and future sustainability of the state's transportation system, the Georgia Department of Transportation has applied for a competitive federal loan to make important changes in the greater Atlanta area. As an Atlanta auto accident lawyer, I am encouraged that our state is one of the finalists for the federal Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) loan.

How Georgia Would Use TIFIA Money

34 states submitted letters of interest to the federal government regarding TIFIA, and eight states, including Georgia, have been invited to submit applications for the low interest loan money.* Georgia is requesting money for the Interstates 75 and 575 Northwest Corridor managed lane project that will go through Cherokee County and Cobb County. TIFIA could loan Georgia up to $270 million to complete this important project, which would be the foundation for a managed lane network throughout the Atlanta area.

Call Auto Accident Lawyers in Atlanta if You've Been Hurt on the Northwest Corridor

The Northwest Corridor is one of the most congested roads in the area. Those who work, live or simply want to visit Midtown Atlanta, Marietta, Town Center or Cumberland Galleria know about the driving risks all too well.

If you have been hurt in a Northwest Corridor accident or a crash anywhere else in Greater Atlanta, then it is important to contact an experienced Atlanta car accident lawyers as soon as possible after your crash.

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*Source: Georgia Department of Transportation Press Release, GA Among 8 States Selected to Apply for TIFIA Loan, July 19, 2011