Men still likely hold the notorious distinction of causing more Atlanta car crashes than women. In 2008, 71.6% of fatal Georgia crashes involved male drivers. However, a recent study conducted by the University of Michigan looked at 6.5 million car crashes and found that women make up a higher percentage of drivers in crashes than previously thought. Specifically, the University of Michigan study found that:
  • • 20.5% of all crashes involved all female drivers.
  • • 31.9% of all crashes involved all male drivers.
  • • 47.6% of all crashes involved male and female drivers.

What does this data prove?

While some people are challenging the study's findings and validity, there may be some useful lessons to learn from this study - lessons other than how to pick on your spouse, significant other, sibling or friend of the opposite sex.

The study indicated that women may be involved in more accidents than previously thought because height differences make it difficult for women to see out windows, and intersections may be potentially troublesome spots for some women.

Of course, some people may go right to gender stereotypes to explain this difference. Our Atlanta car accident lawyers caution against this. While the study results, if confirmed, may be useful in adjusting car or intersection designs to minimize future crashes, the study results are not evidence that one gender is a better driver than the other.

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