Most people expect that if they have the bad fortune to develop cancer that they won’t have the worse fortune of being the victim of a misdiagnosis. Yet, some people additionally find themselves as victims of cancer misdiagnoses. If this happened to you, you may have many questions. How did this happen? Do I need an Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis attorney?

3 Common Reasons for a Cancer Misdiagnosis
There are many reasons for cancer misdiagnoses – more reasons than are possible to cover in a single article. However, below are three common reasons for doctors’ failure to diagnose cancer that are important to know about. Those reasons include:

1.   You don’t fit into the “typical” demographic for the type of cancer you have. Perhaps you are a male with breast cancer or a teenager considered too young to develop many forms of cancer. Since you don’t fit the typical age or gender demographic for cancer, your doctor may fail to consider the disease as a potential cause of your symptoms.
2.   Your doctor assumes that your symptoms are that of another condition without testing. Your doctor may assume that your symptoms are related to another less severe and more common condition without testing to determine the actual cause of your symptoms.
3.   Test results were misread or mishandled. Medical tests may be misinterpreted, or the results may be delivered to the wrong patient. Either scenario can have devastating results for a patient with cancer.

Why You May Need an Atlanta Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney to Help You
You may not know exactly why your doctor misdiagnosed your cancer. However, if you are interested in learning more about the possible causes of your cancer misdiagnosis, then we encourage you to read our FREE book: I Have Cancer Should it Have Been Caught Earlier?
If you believe that the failure to diagnose your disease allowed your cancer to progress, resulted in harsher treatments, and/or decreased your life expectancy, then we also encourage you to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Atlanta cancer misdiagnosis lawyer by calling 1.770.518.1133.